Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

If your CUBE is experiencing a playback or connection issue, here are the initial troubleshooting steps you need to complete before contacting Support: 

  1. Power must be plugged in. 
    1. Is the blue light on the from the CUBE on? 
    2. Is the power cord connected on both ends? 
    3. Sometimes unplugging the power cord from the CUBE and re-connecting it can restore the power connection
  2. Network must be plugged in.
    1. Is the network cable firmly connected on both ends? 
    2. On the Switch end of the cable, are their link/activity lights active on the port where the CUBE is connected? 
    3. Is the CUBE being assigned a valid IP address (for more troubleshooting on network connections, see: 
      1. Troubleshooting via Techmenu -
      2. Troubleshooting via USB -
  3. Audio must be plugged in.
    1. Is the audio cable connected to the Headphone jack of the CUBE? 
    2. Is the White (Channel 1) and/or Red (Channel 2) end of the audio cable connected to your amplifier?
    3. Is the audio cable confirmed good? Test by removing 3.5mm plug from CUBE and inserting into test playback device such as phone or MP3 player.
  4. Is the CUBE SD card inserted fully?
    1. The CUBE requires the specific SD card that came with the CUBE in order to function. This is an industrial-hardened SD card design that is encrypted to the specific CUBE hardware device that it came in. 
    2. The SD card is sub-flush when fully seated.
    3. Confirm that the SD card is inserted properly by using a thin tool to eject the card, then reinsert the card. 
    4. Reconnect power to CUBE to reboot.
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