Using the WebUI app

Using the WebUI app

WebUI is an app that is installed on the CUBE to allow local control of the CUBE for skipping tracks, blocking tracks and artists, and changing "channels" (based on the channels you make available to the location)

Accessing the App

The WebUI app can be accessed by any computer or web-browsing device that is located on the same network as the CUBE. It is important to be on the same local network! A mobile device can access the CUBE by scanning the QR code on the back of the CUBE (a QR scanner is now built-in to the camera app of iOS devices...just open the camera, and point it at the QR code!)A computer can access the CUBE by going to You will be prompted to enter the serial number and MAC address, which can be found on the back of the CUBE. Once you scan the QR code, or input the serial/mac, you will see the status of the player, and a round "play" button. Pushing the button will access the Control Center. 

Access to the app can also be password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Passwords are set in Simply go to the CUBE in question, click the WebUI Settings link, and set the password there.

Using the App

The app gives the user control to select the Zone they want to control (if you have multiple Zones enabled: 

skip the current track, and to block tracks and artists: 

(Tracks or artists are only blocked on this location's playlists, and don't affect any other CUBEs. Blocked tracks or artists can only be unblocked by submitting a ticket to

and change "channels" (based on the channels you decide to make available to them):

(Simply click the name of the channel you want to change to. The "notes" icon will switch after a second or two to indicate which Channel is currently playing)


If a client is unable to access the WebUI:

1. Make sure their computer or device is connected to the same network as the CUBE. 

2. Confirm that the WebUI app is installed on that CUBE by going to, selecting that CUBE, and look for the "WebUI Settings" link. 

If the link is not there, send a ticket to along with the CUBE serial number, and request that the app be added. 

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